Securing a Co-op Position

Receiving a Co-op Job Offer

  • The employer will contact the Recruitment & Job Search Coordinator with the co-op offer
  • The Recruitment & Job Search Coordinator will verify your eligibility and contact you to make the offer
  • You have 48 hours to accept or decline the offer
  • Once an offer has been accepted, co-op students are required to withdraw from other co-op position application/competition processes.

Please note that some employers who may be new to York’s Co-op Program and unfamiliar with the co-op hiring processes may present offers directly to students; in which case, students must notify the Recruitment & Job Search Coordinator as soon as possible in order to process the offer as an official York Co-op Program opportunity and retain your eligibility in the program.

Accepting a Co-op Job Offer

  • Complete the Terms & Conditions Agreement
  • Enroll in the zero credit pass/fail Co-op Work Term Course: COOP2001 0.0, COOP3001 0.0, or COOP3002 0.0, etc during each four month work term. A pass in these courses represents successful completion of a work term as evaluated by both the employer and by the Faculty Co-op Coordinator’s assessment of the Work Term Report.
  • Pay the $475.00 non-refundable Work Term Fee ( you will be required to pay this fee for each 4 month co-op work term undertaken)

Accepting a Co-op Job Offer as an International Student

As an international co-op student you must secure a valid Co-op Work Permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Please visit the the International Students page for more details.