Finding your own Co-op Position

If you've found a co-op position that you are interested in applying for or a company you would be interested in working with that was not posted on the Career Centre's job posting system and would like help with reaching out to the employer and/or applying for the position, please contact the Recruitment & Job Search Coordinator.

If you've accepted a co-op position that was not posted on the Career Centre's job posting system, but would like to see if the position is eligible to be considered as part of the Co-op Program, please contact the Recruitment & Job Search Coordinator  as soon as possible and provide the following information:

  • A copy of your confirmation letter/letter of acceptance
  • The anticipated start date of your co-op
  • A copy of the job description indicating the position is paid and full-time
  • Other work term details

The Recruitment & Job Search Coordinator will verify that the position is appropriate for the Co-op Program based on the following criteria:

  • It is related to your field of study
  • It offers an opportunity to apply your skills and knowledge in the workplace
  • It has a duration of 4 months beginning in either September, January or May
  • The employer must be willing to participate in the co-op performance review process including a first and last term call with the Co-op Coordinator
  • The Co-op Program will receive a written performance evaluation from your employer at the end of your co-op work term

The Internship Coordinator will contact the employer to discuss their role in the Co-op Program and the Performance Review Process.