Working in a Co-op Position

Performance Review Process

Each Co-op Work Term Course (COOP2001 0.0, COOP3001 0.0, or COOP3002 0.0, etc.) will be assigned a pass or fail grade by a Faculty Co-op Coordinator based on assessment of the Work Term Report and evaluation by the employer. To receive a Pass grade, the student must fulfill the requirements of the work term by the deadlines (as detailed below) as well as meet the requirements agreed upon with the employer. Students who do not submit the required documents on or before the deadline will receive a Failing grade.

It is anticipated that Learning Agreements, Work Term Reports and Supervisor Evaluations will be used in the post work term course.

Co-op Work Term Requirements

Requirement Due Date SUMMER 2017 Deadlines
Enroll in the Co-op Work Term Course ($475 non-refundable fee per term) Enrollment is opened 2 weeks prior to each work term (by permission) April 21, 2017 โ€“ May 19, 2017
Co-op Terms & Conditions Agreement As soon as a co-op job offer is accepted N/A
Co-op Work Term Details By the end of the second week of each co-op work term. Update details at any time if there are changes in your contact info or your supervisor's May 12, 2017
Co-op Learning Agreement Fourth week of each co-op work term May 26, 2017
First Term Call Six to eight weeks into each co-op work term June 5 โ€“ 16, 2017
Last Term Call Last month of each co-op work term July 31, 2017 โ€“ August 11, 2017
Co-op Work Term Report At the end of each co-op work term September 1, 2017
Supervisor Evaluation At the end of each co-op work term September 1, 2017