Recruitment Timelines

York's Co-op Program recognizes the variability of recruitment timelines and needs. We offer a flexible schedule for employers to post positions, conduct interviews and extend job offers throughout the year.

The schedule below is the recommended timeline for recruiting co-op students, though we work with employers on an ongoing basis.

Summer (May) Start Date

Suggested Co-op Program Enrollment: Winter (January)

Co-op Jobs Posted: Mid-January–February

Screen Applications & Start Interviews: February

Interviews & Offers Extended: February–March

Fall (September) Start Date

Suggested Co-op Program Enrollment: Summer (May)

Co-op Jobs Posted: Mid-May–June

Screen Applications & Start Interviews: June

Interviews & Offers Extended: June–July

Winter (January) Start Date

Suggested Co-op Program Enrollment: Fall (September)

Co-op Jobs Posted: Mid-September–October

Screen Applications & Start Interviews: October

Interviews & Offers Extended: October–November

Please feel free to contact the Employer & Student Liaison if you have any questions about the recruitment process or timelines.

The schedule below is the required job offer deadline, which is the date that the recruitment period closes. This ensures the co-op position starts on time and that students have time to enroll in the necessary co-op work term course.

Position Start Dates: Summer 2016 (May)

Job Offer Deadline: Ongoing