International Students

Another great benefit of our Co-op Program is that international students are eligible to apply.

International Students interested in participating in the York Co-op Program are required to obtain a Co-op Work Permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Once you have been accepted to participate in a Co-op Program, you will be provided you with an official letter of confirmation to accompany your Co-op Work Permit application to CIC.

  • Must I have a co-op job offer prior to applying for a Co-op Work Permit?
    No, as soon as you are registered in a Co-op Program you must apply for CIC’s Co-op Work Permit. Your letter from the Co-op Coordinator will be considered your “job offer letter”.
  • Can I use my Co-op Work Permit to apply for jobs outside of an approved York Co-op Program?
    No, the Co-op Program will be listed as your employer on your work permit; therefore, it will only authorize you to accept jobs affiliated with the Co-op Program you are enrolled in.
  • I have an Off-Campus Work Permit, can I use it for a Co-op position?
    No, students are required to obtain a Co-op Work Permit to participate in an approved York Co-op Program.

To learn about the Co-op Work Permit eligibility criteria, application process and to download the application form, visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

If you need further information and assistance regarding work permits, please contact the Off Campus Work Program Assistant at York International.